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You're almost ready to get your grooves on. But wait! You're just in time for the Holiday Sale!

JUST Released - How to Club Dance - Crash Course For Men
(Openers, Basic Moves, and FAQ) - $23.99 Regular $40.00
*Instant Downloadable Version Only*


Club Dance Basics Value Pack (Volume 1 & 2) - $34.95 Regular $50.90
*Downloadable plus Shipped Option*

The EASIEST moves to learn to look good. Stop feeling left out and join in on the fun! Use these moves TONIGHT! Over 120 minutes of easy-to-learn dance moves.


Club Dance Basics (Vol. 3 & 4) - $45.95 Regular $70.00
*Instant Downloadable Version Only*

These videos teach you how to vary and layer the movements learned from Club Dance Basics Volume 1 & 2 so you don't look or feel like you're doing the same movements repeatedly. You will be able to spend more time dancing without getting bored and have great interactions on the dance floor.


Club Dance Basics: The Complete Series (Vol.1~4) - $67.00 Regular $120.90
*Free Bonus* Chi's Secrets of Dance Revealed (Valued at $20.00)
*Instant Downloadable Version Only*


JUST Released - Twerk Tutorial (Vol 1) - $23.99 Regular $40.00
*Downloadable plus Shipped Option*

Twerk Tutorial featuring professional Hollywood Dancers Kelsey Mobley and Kendra Oyesanya. This DVD teaches all the basic moves you need to get your Twerk on! Learn fundamentals, proper hand positioning, and how to look hot doing them at every angle. Use your assets to have even more fun and get you noticed when you're out partying.


Dance Seduction Moves (Vol 1 & 2) - $49.00 Regular $147.00
*Free Bonus* Chi's "Secrets of Dance Floor Game"(PDF) (Valued at $15.00)
*Free Bonus* Interview with Dating Expert Josh Pellicer (Valued at $45.00)
*Free Bonus* Interview with Dating Coach DJ Fuji (Valued at $45.00)
*Downloadable plus Shipped Option*

Dance seduction is an attraction formula created by Chi the Club Dance King with over 25 million views and 25,000 subscribers on YouTube! Chi has spent many perfecting this new dance genre using simple techniques to help you become confident being sexual and sensual with any women instantly. Make any girl laugh so she becomes comfortable with you and let's down her guard. Then seduce her with these dance moves to create instant connection and attraction for the rest of the night. Learn the top secret seduction moves used by pickup artists at celebrity parties and top clubs around the world including the "Dirty McGurty" and "TT Tease" among others.


Secrets of Dance Revealed - $9.99 Regular $20.00
*Instant Downloadable Version Only*

"Secrets of Dance Revealed" contains 18 invaluable secrets created by the Club Dance King all stored inside 20 minutes. Features Chi the "Club Dance King" and his lovely assistant "Dee".



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