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Club Dance Moves Made Simple!

Most of us just want to go out to socialize and dance when the situation calls for it.

We don't want to be professional dancers, but we do want to be able to enjoy ourselves and not feel embarrassed when we're around people dancing.

The problem is that many of us don't know how... and you may have already searched and been disappointed to see that most of the dance videos out there are for Ballroom dancing or Hip Hop choreography.

Introducing Club Dance Basics -
A 60 minute crash course to hip hop nightclub dancing for Men and Women.

Approach & Attract that Hottie at the Club Tonight Using These Dance Moves!

These easy-to-learn moves will become your "go to repetoire" that you can show off anytime, anywhere!

Stop feeling left out and join the fun!

These moves were chosen specifically because they are fun and easy to learn even without ANY dance experience.

Learn the moves and use them TONIGHT to help you approach and attract successfully at clubs.

Many of the principles in these videos are focused on how to approach hotties on the dance floor so they welcome you. Build a connection through your dance moves then turn up the heat as you get intimate with them.

You can use these moves anytime at Bars, Clubs, Weddings, and Parties.

Gain the confidence to get over that self conciousness about looking silly not knowing what you're doing. You'll finally be able to enjoy going out and dancing, instead of holding your drink watching everyone else have all the fun.

I'm so confident you'll be able to learn and use these moves to maximize your club experience that I'll give you 30 days to get your money back. No questions asked!

What You'll Learn
Six Easy Moves You Can Learn In Minutes
How To Look Good Dancing By Yourself Or With A Partner
How To Get Close Without Being Rejected
4 Proven Ways To Get Your Freak On
How To Take Full Control Of Your Arms, Legs and Body
Already Know How to Dance?

Club Dance Basics DVD is a great resource for you to organize your dance styles and refresh your moves even if you are a veteran at the club scene.

Remember, all advance dance moves are built from solid basic dance fundamentals 

Club Dance Basics are the easiest night club moves to learn that look good. They were created for beginners with no experience and are explained so you can understand them.

They do NOT involve complex choreography that you have to memorize.

Just simple, fun, sexy moves that you can bust out anytime you want.

These videos not only will give you the confidence to go out when your friends invite you out. They will give you the courage to get out on the dance floor and meet the hottie at the club you've been scooping out

You can use these moves tonight at the club or party you're going to.

These moves can also be danced at weddings, bars, and any other social event. Once you learn them, you'll stop fearing dancing, and actually begin to enjoy it and look forward to it!


Who is Chi Szeto?

Trained under many of the Jabbawockeez and Asian pop artists such as Jay Chou, Lee Hom Wang and Alex To, Chi is an international dance instructor and performer.

With over 20 Million views and 20,000 subscribers, Chi Szeto is the MOST popular club dance and dance seduction expert on the Internet. From Los Angles to London, Hong Kong and Dubai, he travels internationally to teach and perform.

He was even featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno as an Internet sensation!

In addition, Chi received Salsa training by David Stein II and World Champion couple Jr. and Emily Alabi.

Not only is Chi a performer, but he cares about his students and breaks down each dance movements at a pace that's easy-to-learn.



"I learned a lot and discovered how much more fun it is to dance than not dance at all. Trust me when I say having fun is a very attractive quality and that all the girls like guys who are having fun because they too want to have fun.

If you don't believe me, go to YouTube and look up any top 40 dance song that takes place in the club, guess what???

They all look like they are having fun and guess what, you will too! "

Manny from New York - Skype and Private Lessons


Hi,I recently got married and my bride is a career dancer (ballet, modern, teacher, BA in dance, etc.) As we were designing our wedding reception we wanted dance to play a huge role, especially because so many of her dancefriends would be there.

We crafted an energy-packed playlist of very dancable songs and it hit me: I CAN'T DANCE!

I have never been to a club, and have never danced aside from the awkward shufflings of high school slow dances. I felt sunk. So, in an effort to 'try and keep up' I turned to YouTube to look for videos to give me some movement vocabulary that I could learn from and your videos were at the top of the list.

More than that, your videos broke down the movement vocabulary in an easy to understand way and slowly built it up to more complex forms. I loved it.

I wrote myself a "cheatsheet" (cuz I'm like that) of five basic forms from your videos to keep in my tux pocket so that I could refresh myself before hitting the floor. Once the music started, I was off and had a lot of confidence knowing that I had least had some basics to work with.

BOY, WAS I WRONG!Using your basic forms and methods of improvising that you showed in your videos, I ROCKED THE HOUSE!

Everyone was shocked and amazed, all the dancers wanted to dance with me and said that they couldn't keep up, and I found out later that onedance I did with one of the dancers was the highlight of the evening! After the reception, my wife turns to me and says, "We haveGOT to hit the clubs when we get home!"

So, a hearty THANK YOU for turning a rhythm-less "white boy" into a "smooth operator" on the dance floor!Jordan

Jordan Schroder - YouTube Student


Your videos rock. I'm one of the countless random dudes who was totally unable to dance and now can go out there and freak with some hot chicks. My signature move is the body roll.

Thank you for that.I'd like to take either private or group lessons from you. If you're not teaching in LA anytime soon, I can journey to San Diego on the weekends.

Please let me know when I should show up, if you're available. I'm busy this weekend (V-day and all) but can be available any other weekend in the near future. Thanks!

Daniel K. - Youtube and Private Lessons


Chi’s a great instructor. I came to Chi to learn how to dance, beginning with the basics.

I was originally very stiff and we worked on loosing that up while he emphasized being on beat at all times. He’s very patient and quick to catch what you’re doing wrong and drill on it until you get it right.

We made significant progress and I would recommend taking lessons whether you need a little help, or a lot of help in my case.

C. Nguyen San Diego - Private Lessons


I took Chi's lessons in NYC and I'm so Happy I made that decision.. Chi was a positive coach. He is very professional and works with you not against you.

He is extremely patient. I have never danced before and knew absolutely nothing before meeting him in ny. He made me gain a world of confidence I never knew I had.

He taught me various moves and many different ways to switch it up. After a few days I felt comfortable in the club. My personal favorite is the body roll haha.

Chi is a great guy and just as good of an instructor. He is worth every penny!

Justin P. Pensylvannia - Crash Course Weekend Student


Hi Chi,
We wanted to let you know the dance was a hit!

Everyone said it was their favorite part of the wedding. There were a couple of stumbling points for me, because it was the first time I did the dance in my dress, but overall it went well.

Thank you so much for putting together such a fun dance and teaching it to us with such patience. We really appreciate it!!

Kristen and Paul Ketchen - Private Wedding Dance Lessons


I bought an 10-pack of lessons with Chi over the summer, and it was an awesome experience.
I learned some really cool basic moves that have helped out a ton in the clubs so far.

Thanks again dude.

Collin from San Diego - Private Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I don’t want to spend money to learn dance, I want it all for free!

Answer: Not all of the videos from my DVD are on Youtube. The videos on DVD are unreleased to the public and are the result of my 12 years teaching dance.

Plus there is a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

Question: I’m embarrassed and feel awkard to dance!

Answer: We’ve all been there, we’re all worried that we’ll look stupid and people will laugh at us. I’ll tell you a secret about dancing right now- which is you don’t have to be good at it, you just have to let go of that self consciousness and have fun. After you practice these moves you will have skills and know what to do.

Question: I don’t need to dance to get girls, I do fine as it is.

Answer: That’s great and I’m happy for you. However sooner or later girls will ask you to dance and try to drag you out on the dance floor.

I’ve actually taught 2 well know pick up artists how to dance because they wanted to take care of that area of their game.

Also dancing is a great way to seduce women, I’m not a model and don’t have great conversational game, but a few of my smooth, sexy dance moves, and a couple of jokes later, the girls are swept away by me.





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